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Strength in Security. Simplicity in Service.

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Iron Worx Managed Security Services: where our commitment to delivering quantifiable value reverberates across the Department of Defense and the private sector. Our adaptable solutions work harmoniously within diverse budgets, ensuring robust security outcomes and tangible results.


Our collective expertise, fortified by our prowess as security professionals, positions us as the ultimate choice for your vital security consulting and staffing requisites. The following are the paramount advantages we bring to your mission and organization:

At Iron Worx, our Managed Security Services transcend expectations, fortified by a legacy of excellence and unwavering dedication to your security imperatives.

A Depth of Experience: Our team encompasses seasoned veterans of government, direct-support contracting, and private sector security.

Respected within Elite Circles: Established reputation among esteemed senior government and private sector security networks.

Adaptable to New Challenges: Prepared to embrace new operational requisites.

Support Enhancement: Equipped to enhance or seamlessly replace existing support structures.

Flexibility Redefined: Tailored consulting and staffing models to meet your changing landscape.

Veterans Leading the Way: As a veteran-owned small business, our commitment is ingrained in our ethos.

Mission-Driven Risk Management: Our core focus is safeguarding your mission.

Seamless Business-to-Government Partnership:

Decades of Corporate, Government and Industrial Security Services: Our long-standing experience is the bedrock of our commitment to safeguarding corporate interests.

Mission-Critical Support: Aptly equipped to bolster critical corporate security and contractual program operations.

Demonstrated Excellence: An extensive track record of success spanning both corporate and government arenas.

Cleared, Seasoned Workforce: Our team comprises security-vetted professionals with proven competencies.

Flexible Security Consulting and Staffing: Tailored solutions calibrated to your specific needs.

Efficiency Meets Agility: Cost-efficient, adaptable, and responsive to swiftly evolving requirements.

Partner of Choice: A proud veteran-owned small business dedicated to synergy and collaboration.

Strategic Business Acumen: Our operations are underpinned by business insight.

Client-Centric Regulatory Compliance: Our risk management solutions are tailored to your compliance needs.

Empowering the Intelligence Community

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