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Elevate Your Operation with Tailored SCIF Solutions

Mission Support: Your Success is Our Purpose.

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Introducing Iron Worx SCIF Solutions – your ultimate destination for comprehensive, secure office solutions designed to empower both burgeoning entrepreneurs and established enterprises serving the Intelligence Community. Our signature offering provides scalable classified and unclassified spaces, complete with secure communication channels, all within a vendor-neutral environment.

  1. From single cubicles to spacious suites, we accommodate your workspace requirements.

  2. Secure Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) space designed to meet your classified needs.

  3. Select locations offering Secret Collateral Space for added confidentiality.

  4. Equipped with classified and unclassified computer terminals, ensuring seamless connectivity and printing capabilities.

  5. Fully furnished workspaces featuring locking storage for added convenience.

  6. Cutting-edge classified and unclassified conference rooms, promoting collaborative excellence.

  7. 24-hour monitoring with swift alarm response, ensuring your security is our top priority.

  8. Centralized management of building access and visitor control, granting you peace of mind.

  9. Cleared janitorial services to maintain a pristine and secure environment.

  10. Comfortable lounge areas complemented by vending services, fostering relaxation amidst productivity.

  11. Flexible lease terms designed to adapt to your evolving needs.

Discover a spectrum of security services and building amenities tailored to your needs:

At Iron Worx, we redefine secure office spaces, allowing you to focus on your mission without compromise.

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